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Is Excel required to prepare a configuration file?


Can the unit be calibrated?

Yes, DC voltage & temperature

Is the battery rechargeable?

Yes, via a Micro USB connector

What is the battery type?


What is the size of the unit?

What is the weight of the unit?

What data is collected?

Maximum: DC Volts, AC Volts (Peak to Peak), Temperature, Elapsed time above zero volts.

What units is Temperature shown?

C or F

Is there a Set-up?

Select Temperature Units, Inter-Zone timeout, and DC Volts Log Trigger.

What is DC Volts Log Trigger?

This is the DC voltage that the Logger starts to log data. It can be 5, 6, 7, or 8 V.

What is Inter-Zone Timeout?

If there is more than 1 electrical zone in the E-coat paint tank, the module will keep recording even though the voltage has dropped to zero – for the duration of the Timeout period.

Is there a maximum length the logger can record?

Since only maximum values are saved, there are no memory constraints. Thus the only constant is battery, which is about an hour or so on a full charge.

Can the unit transit through the oven?


Is the battery condition shown?


How long does the battery charge last?

Logging time of about an hour

How is the information displayed?

There is a small OLED screen that displays the current data by cycling through about four different screens. It does this twice and then goes to sleep.

How do I wake the unit up?

Hold the unit horizontal with the cap on the left and the OLED screen facing up. Rotate the unit towards you.

How do I ARM the unit?

After the unit has been awakened, tilt the unit towards you again until you see an information screen notifying you that if you rotate it again twice, it will ARM.

What happens if I ARM the unit, and I do not want to make a data run?

Use the 9V battery to simulate a data run and then let the unit go to sleep.

Is the O-ring necessary?

Yes, the O-ring provides a seal between the body and the Cap.

How is the unit cleaned after a data run?

Only with Isopropyl alcohol.

How does the unit attach to the ware?

It has a strong 20 mm (3/4”) magnet on its bottom surface.

Does the unit have to be in a particular orientation to work?

No, once Armed, it can be standing up, pointing down, or sideways.

How do I calibrate the unit?

The unit is placed in a water bath of a known temperature the same as the E-coat and a known voltage value is applied to the brass tip. The unit is allowed to log for about 60 seconds. The electronics board has to be removed and there are buttons to adjust the calibration as required for DC voltage and temperature.

Is there a carry case?

What is included?

What languages are supported?

Currently English is supported.





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