About UFS.

UFS Corporation, founded in 1977, has concentrated its business activity in the field of electrodeposition paint equipment and control technology. UFS is a multifaceted manufacturer whose strengths are in engineering, product support, quality assurance, and customer service. UFS is the largest supplier of tubular anode cells in the USA and Canada. TECTRON Anode Cells, manufactured by UFS Corporation, have been installed in over 260 locations worldwide. Applications include automobile bodies and parts, agricultural equipment, home appliances, and general industrial products.

Customer Service

UFS personnel are available to assist in designing, operating, and troubleshooting E-coat systems. Our commitment to providing exceptional customer service includes providing technical and engineering support, certified drawings, and start-up services. Our business philosophy is: to provide the highest quality service and support to our customers; to supply our customers with high quality products that are competitively priced; to maintain technical and manufacturing leadership in our field; to listen and act on our customers' concerns and problems; to remain flexible to meet our customers' schedules; to base our reputation on our products, service, and actions

What we do

UFS Corporation's Sales Engineers provide technical service support via telephone, online training, and direction via user-friendly virtual libraries. On site installation and startup advisory services are also provided at nominal rates for time and travel expenses. Replacement Service parts are stocked in quantities adequate for common emergency needs to allow shipment within 48 hours of your confirming order with acceptable payment arrangements. Service part quantities greater than our inventory require longer delivery times. We recommend that initial spare parts be ordered with the production order.