Ecoat 2018 Contest!

Ecoat 2018 Contest!


Did you attend the Ecoat 18 Conference in Tampa Florida?  If so, you may have received one of our UFS Contest Cards, which included a scratch-off instant win prize as well as a GRAND PRIZE!  Be sure to let us know what your scratch-off prize revealed (so we can send it out to you)…and sign up for the Grand Prize before we pick our winner.  May 31, 2018 is the deadline…visit www.ufsc.com/contest today!



Warm Up for Summer Maintenance

Planning a summer shutdown?  UFS is happy to assist with Recommended Spare Parts Lists, Maintenance Best Practices, On-Site Supervision, and more!  Now is the time to be “in training” for a well-coordinated and prepared schedule for this year’s shutdown.  Let the experts at UFS help you get in shape!  Contact us today (219) 464-2027 Ext 28.


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UFS Corporation TECTRON™ Anode Cell Evaluation Program

In 2017, UFS will provide up to two TECTRON Anode Cells at no cost to a qualified E-coat end-user. The customer must be using a crescent-shaped (“c-cell”), box type anode cell, or a competitor’s small diameter tubular anode cell.

  • For those using a box type anode cell, UFS will provide two TECTRON Large Diameter Anode Cells to replace the equivalent anode area of one box anode cell. 
  • For those using crescent-shaped anode cell, UFS will provide one TECTRON Large Diameter Anode Cell to replace a crescent-shaped anode cell.
  • For those using a competitive small diameter tubular anode cell, UFS will provide one TECTRON Anode Cell of equal or larger diameter.

To receive the TECTRON Anode Cell(s) at no cost, the end-user will agree to: 

  • Install the trial TECTRON Anode Cell(s) within 30 days of receipt. 
  • Allow access by UFS personnel (or authorized agent) on a regular basis to
    inspect the Cell(s), measure performance and mark progress.
  • Provide Tank & Cell Drawings as described below.

In exchange for the opportunity to provide the trial Anode Cell(s), UFS will provide: 

  • Free shipping to the plant location. 
  • Mounting hardware compatible with the existing anode cell mounting arrangement. 
  • Adapters for the anolyte supply, anolyte return and electrical connection. 
  • Anode Cell inspection on a regular basis, with written evaluation reports after each visit. 
  • Return shipment costs if the Anode Cell is found to be defective or un-usable in the E-Coat system.

To get started a cross section of your tank showing minimum depth with ware in position is required (with electrode information).   If you can not provide this, then you must fill in ALL information on these 2 PDF forms, Membrane Electrode Information and Tank Information.  Once the tank data has been submitted and reviewed by a UFS Engineer, a proposed Anode Cell drawing and a no charge sales order will be forwarded to the end-user contact person for approval. After end-user approved, the trial evaluation unit(s) will be produced and delivered per the end-user’s request. 


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Maintain Proper Anolyte Flow with UFS Flowmeters!

It’s important to check the fluid level in an E-Coat system anolyte tank on a regular basis.  Problems such as torn membranes or blockages can cause anolyte to leak into the paint bath.  Insufficient flow can cause performance issues – bacteria and excess acid inside the membrane shell – and ultimately shorten the life of the cells. 

We recommend using a flow indicator/valve assembly to connect between the supply manifold and supply tubing.  The UFS Flowmeter is calibrated to show an ideal flow range of 0.4 – 0.9 gallons per minute.  24/7 motion of anolyte promotes better cooling to extend anode life and expel the oxygen that can cause corrosion.

For more information on our Flowmeters, click HERE for our Tectron™ Cell Accessories Product Data Sheet.  Or, For details and pricing, contact Maureen Gonzalez, (219) 464-2027 x28.


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TruAmp100™ Logger now included with new TECTRON™ T3/T5 Anode Cell Purchase!

UFS is pleased to announce that we will provide a TruAmp100 Logger at no extra cost with each TECTRON T3/T5 Anode Cell Purchase.  This will add more value while differentiating T3/T5 Cells from C Cells and Box Cells.

The TruAmp100 helps E-Coaters estimate when ion-exchange membrane should be replaced, well before performance becomes a problem.  The unit can be easily installed on the electric cable of any new anode cell with a few tweaks.

For more information on the TruAmp100 Logger, see Product Data Sheet HERE.


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High Voltage and Fluctuating Voltage Affect Film Build

Over time, E-Coaters will gradually increase voltage settings on the rectifier to maintain the required film build.  This gradual increase in the rectifier voltage compensates for the gradual increase in the resistance of the Membrane.  At times, conditions arise where an increase in the voltage setting on the rectifier will not correct low film builds.  This could be due to a number of factors, including the age of the Membrane Shells.  For more information regarding voltage conditions, see Service Reference HERE



Anolyte Color is a Valuable Preventative Maintenance Tool

Anolyte flows through each anode cell and the anolyte system itself, so its color is often an early indication of a problem.  Anolyte color can range from clear, light yellow color (“normal”) to a dark color, similar to coffee.  Any changes in color can indicate iron particles in your anolyte system, which is an early warning sign of rapid anode deterioration.  For more information on anolyte color, see Service Reference HERE.



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Think All Anode Cells Are Alike? Our TECTRON™ Tubular Anode Cell Will Change Your Mind!

UFS Corporation has been in the E-Coat industry for more than 35 years and has been making anode cells since 1985! We offer the widest variety of tubular anode cells… from 1 ½” to 5” diameter.

TECTRON Tubular Anode Cell Advantages:

  • Fewer number of parts

  • More ion exchange membrane surface area

  • Less energy consumption

  • No bolted joints

  • Visual inspections of anode

  • Less weight

  • No dead flow zones behind

For details and pricing, contact Maureen Gonzalez, (219) 464-2027 x128.



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Save Money! Get Your Precious Metal Anodes Re-coated!

If you have Precious Metal Anodes in your E-Coat paint tank, save money on replacement parts by re-coating! As the anode wears, the coating wears off. But the titanium tube underneath in most cases isn’t damaged and can be re-used.  UFS Corporation makes it easy for you to save money (and reduce waste) by having the anodes re-coated, so they are as good as new! For details and pricing, contact Maureen Gonzalez, (219) 464-2027 x128.


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