Warm Up for Summer Maintenance

Planning a summer shutdown?  UFS is happy to assist with Recommended Spare Parts Lists, Maintenance Best Practices, On-Site Supervision, and more!  Now is the time to be “in training” for a well-coordinated and prepared schedule for this year’s shutdown.  Let the experts at UFS help you get in shape!  Contact us today (219) 464-2027 Ext 28.


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TruAmp100™ Logger now included with new TECTRON™ T3/T5 Anode Cell Purchase!

UFS is pleased to announce that we will provide a TruAmp100 Logger at no extra cost with each TECTRON T3/T5 Anode Cell Purchase.  This will add more value while differentiating T3/T5 Cells from C Cells and Box Cells.

The TruAmp100 helps E-Coaters estimate when ion-exchange membrane should be replaced, well before performance becomes a problem.  The unit can be easily installed on the electric cable of any new anode cell with a few tweaks.

For more information on the TruAmp100 Logger, see Product Data Sheet HERE.


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