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Is the current displayed?


How often is the current measured?

Every 1/8 second.

What is Amp-Hour measurement?

It is the accumulation of current (i.e. Amps) over time (i.e. hours). If there was a current flow of 3 amps for 7 hours, then the Amp-Hours would be 3 Amps x 7 Hours = 21 Amp-Hours.

What is a Coulomb?

1 Amp for a duration of 1 Second=

How long does the battery last?

If the switch is pressed only one time per month, then about 5 years.

How is the battery condition shown?

If the battery is Ok, there will be a Green Battery LED shown after the switch is pressed. If the Battery should be changed, you will see a Red Battery LED.

What happens if the battery is dead?

No LEDs will light up when you press the switch. The accumulation of data will not be lost if the Battery is gone. Change Battery.

What happens if the battery is dead for a month or so?

The typical time horizon of the ion-exchange membrane is five years or so. Hence one month out of 60 months is a very small percentage. Change battery.

How is the life remaining shown on the LEDs?

Five LEDs represent 100% of the life. Each LED represents 20%. If four LEDs are lit, 80% of life remains, and so on.

What does it mean when the Red LED is flashing every couple of seconds or so,and I did not press the switch?

The design life of the membrane shell is exhausted.

How is the design life of the membrane shell determined?

It is based on the amount of membrane surface area of the anode cell and uses proprietary criteria established from 30 years of observations.

Can the unit be re-used with a new Cell or Membrane Shell?


Can I use it with an old Cell or Membrane Shell?






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