Float Switch UFS PN 280010


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Required Materials

  • Teflon Tape
  • Volt Meter

Required Tools

  • As Required


1. Before attempting to install the float switch be sure to turn off the power to the pump.

2. Drain the Anolyte tank.

3. Remove the old float switch and discard.

4. Apply Teflon tape to the new float switch and install to the tank. Install with the “Blue” mark up.

5. Use the Volt meter to confirm that the switch is open.

6. Connect the wires as required.

7. Fill the tank to inspect the float switch and to make sure it is in proper working order.

8. Use pipe length to push float closed to ensure it is properly operating.

9. Switches should be installed so the float is free to move as the liquid level changes.

10. Switches should be mounted in a tank area free of turbulence or should be protected by adequate shields.

11. Care should be taken that switches are always operated within electrical ratings. See Chart.

Current & Voltage Ratings
Voltage Current Amps (Resistive)
220AC 0.14
110AC 0.28
120DC 0.07
24DC 0.28

The above ratings are for resistive loads only. For inductive loads, maximum life will be achieved if appropriate arc suppression is used.


Maintenance should consist of inspection to see that the float is free to move and not coated with any substance, which would change its weight or volume significantly. The only repair possible in the field is the replacement of the entire unit. For more information see the original manual that came with the equipment or call UFS.






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