AC Voltage Transient & Noise Suppressor, PN 321003

Product Support and Customer Service

For Further support visit our Contact Page If your order included a sensitive electronic device that operates on AC power, then UFS included this transient & noise suppressor to protect it from harmful spikes in the incoming AC power. Electronic devices such as PLC’s, TigerMag EP flow meters, and other types of electronic equipment can benefit from protection against harmful high voltage spikes.

1. See the product data sheet and the installation notes for this device

2. It is rated up to 240 VAC (single phase) incoming power and can deliver up to 2.5 amps.

3. If you believe the voltage or current demand is higher than 240 VAC or 2.5 amps, then contact UFS corporation for a different device.

For more information see the original manual that came with the equipment or contact UFS.






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