New Generation Anode Monitor Installation Checklist

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 !  ? X Description Comments, Exceptions, & Notes
      Is the panel mounted at eye level?  
      Is 110V supplied to panel?  
      Is there a 0-10V signal from rectifier connected to channel #1?  
      Does customer have Ethernet cord attached?  
      Is panel grounded to earth ground?  
      Is y-strainer cleaned out?  
      Measure 24V power supply.  
      Measure 5V power supply.  
      Is plan view of cells attached to panel?  
      Is sensor #1 attached to the proper channel in panel?  
      With a volt ohm meter measure the current sensor signal (white) with no current flowing through sensor and it should be one half of supply voltage (step 7).  
      If signal is not one half of supply voltage, then check red and black connections.  
      Repeat step # 10 for sensors #1.  
      If still not one half of supply voltage, then check white wire continuity back to sensor.  
      Repeat 10-13 for all other sensors.  
      Turn Power ON, do all Cells show ‘0’ when the Rectifier is zero V output?  
      Is the Time & Date correct?  

Legend Description:

! - Needs Immediate attention
? - Some irregularity, probably ok
X - Checked out fine






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