TruIDL Logger - How to Reset


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For Further support visit our Contact Page +Materials needed: one latex glove (for grip)=

Step 1.

Disconnect any attached cable from the unit. Put a latex glove on the hand to be used to unscrew the clear Top lid.

Step 2.

Hold the module in the palm of the other hand. Place the glove-covered hand on the Clear Top and un-screw in a counter clockwise motion. If this is too hard - special instructions for right handed persons (opposite for left handed). Turn the unit around so the ‘UFS’ icon on the rectangular blue printed circuit boards (or the TruIDL logo of the white round printed circuit board) is upside down. Put the tip of the left thumb on the black base of the USB connector (the thumb will keep the bottom from twisting). Do not use tools as this may crack the plastic case.

Truidl Grip.png

Step 3.

Once the Clear lid has been loosened it can be removed and set aside. Make sure the black O-ring has not been removed, and it is not cut or damaged.

TruIDL Seal Point.png

Step 4.

Press the Reset button (it is labeled MCLR - this means Master Clear). For the blue printed circuit board, it’s a white button near the bottom. For the white printed circuit board, it’s a small black button near the bottom. Tilt the unit to wake it up from sleep (if needed) - then press the MCLR button - the Green LED will be ON. If the Green LED does not light up, attempt to charge the battery. Once the unit is plugged into the USB and the RED and Green LEDs are ON, press the MCLR button and the microprocessor will test itself. You may have to let it fully charge (several hours) before you can use the unit.

TruIDL ScrewDriver.png

Step 5.

Place lid on body. Use the palm of your hand to twist counter clockwise until you hear a click. Then slowly begin to rotate clockwise to tighten. Do not cross thread.

Step 6.

Connect the unit to a PC to see if it recognizes it. Assign a configuration file and perform a 9 V bench test. If the PC is unable to recognize the unit, (Keep in mind that there could be a security measure on your computer that is preventing the TruIDL from working properly) press the MCLR button one more time and re-try. If this does not work, fill out the paperwork in Appendix L of the TRUIDL Logger Manual and seek authorization from UFS Corporation to return the unit for inspection and repair.