TruPoint Single Point Data Logger

The TruPoint Logger is a stand alone data logger that measures voltage and temperature at a single point on the ware. The Logger is designed to be used by production personnel as a real-time quality tool. By collecting and comparing data to established baselines, system operators can quickly view real time results and avoid some of the drudgery associated with taking film thickness readings at so many places on the ware.
Easy to use, the TruPoint Logger is placed in approximately the same location on the ware on a daily basis (such as each shift). As the ware moves through the tank, the Logger gathers data on maximum voltage and maximum temperature. Once removed from the ware, the information is noted by the operator. If readings are the same as the baseline, no follow-up is needed. If readings differ from the baseline, the system operator can look at the system variables, to diagnose and correct a potential issue before product quality is compromised.
Arming the TruPoint Data Logger


Small size; the TruPoint Logger can be easily attached to most any spot on the ware.
No wires, no spreadsheets, no PC needed.
Easily reset with two tilts for subsequent runs.
Maximum voltage, temperature and other information is displayed on an OLED screen.
Uses a Micro USB cable to re-charge the Lithium polymer battery.
The Logger is durable. It is designed to last with daily use over the course of a year or longer.


Daily use helps to diagnose potential E-coat issues.
Fast and easy placement on ware.
Small and lightweight.
Icons make it language neutral.
Icon information is user friendly.

How to Use TruPoint Logger

Accessories Included:

Carrying case w/foam cuts.
Micro USB cable, Wall USB Charger.
9 volt battery and test clips.
Nylon Brush.
Petroleum Jelly.
Quick Start.
TSA & Customs Forms.


Unit must be removed prior to the oven.
Clean up only with isopropyl alcohol.
Running through pretreat might shorten life; not recommended for phosphoric acid bath.
Set-up allows you to customize how unit operates.
Calibration screens enable unit to be updated as required.

Output Display Icons

Bath Temperature

Volts X Seconds

DC Volts

# Seconds above 8 V

AC Volts (Peak to Peak)

Technical Specifications

  • Weight

    70 grams (2.5 oz)
  • Dimensions

    35 mm dia. X 60 mm tall (1.385 in. W x 2.5 in. H)
  • Carrying Case

    Can hold up to five modules 22.1 cm L x 19.05 cm W x 9.91 cm H (8.7 in. L x 7.5 in. W 3.9 in.)
  • Logger Construction

    PETG, Clear body with blue cap
  • Operating Range

  • DC Voltage

    0-500 V DC
  • AC Voltage

    0 - 90 V AC (Peak to Peak) Note: This value is an estimate of the actual AC sine wave.
  • Accuracy

    10 - 40 C (50 - 104 F)
  • Resolution

    12 bit ADC (analog to digital conversion)
  • Voltage

    0.125 V
  • Temperature

    0.3 C (.5 F)
  • Accuracy

    +/- 2.5%
  • Frequncy

    32 MHz
  • Calibration

  • DC Voltage

    150 - 400 V, 10 V Increments
  • Temperature

    27.4 - 42.4 C, 0.2 C Increments (81.0 - 109.0 F)
  • Accelerometer

    To Awaken & Arm
  • Sample Rate

    32 x Second
  • Two User Buttons

    For Set-up & Calibration
  • Micro USB Connection

    Charge battery only
  • Reset

    Remove cap to press button
  • Max Log Time

    1 hour
  • Set-Up

  • Temperature Units

    C or F
  • InterZone Time Out

    0 - 200 Seconds
  • Trigger DC V Level

    5, 6, 7, or 8 V DC
  • Battery Charge Time

    20 minutes with wall charger
  • Battery Type and Rating

    Lithium polymer : 4.2 V @ 90 mAh
  • Battery (recharge if needed)

    Awake: ~90 minutes & Sleep: ~2 week

Optional Accessories

Calibration Power Supply

Calibrate your TruPoint Data Logger.

TruPoint Aluminum Assist

Use this device to help TruPoint adhere to Aluminum. (colors may vary)

Product Dimensions


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