Anode Cell Best Practices


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Anode Cell Best Practices


Anode surface area is estimated using one or more criteria (Rule) listed below:

Glossary of Terms

Some common terms are defined below:

Anode Cell Configurations

There are several different types of Anode Cell designs or configurations, including:+

Vigorous Anolyte Flow

24/7 motion of the anolyte promotes better cooling to ex- tend anode life & expel the oxygen that can cause corrosion:


Stagnant, warm anolyte fluid will promote the growth of fungus. Some preventive actions to take:

Preventative Maintenance

Several activities can be performed during the year that may pay benefits, reduce surprises, & lessen down-time:

Materials of Construction

Anode Cells are made from ion-exchange membrane, metal anode, and a plastic housing:

Baseline Data

Every system will change as it is operated. When trouble occurs, baseline data provides a valuable basis for comparison: